Download source code:

 git clone -b source-only https://github.com/bazelbuild/examples

 cd into forder examples/tutorial and make file WORKSPACE by terminal:

   touch WORKSPACE

 Open WORKSPACE and type:

   cd into ios-app and make BUILD file:

 touch BUILD

 Open BUILD file and type:

 On this file:

    name = "UrlGetClasses",
    srcs = [
    hdrs = glob(["UrlGet/*.h"]),
    data = ["UrlGet/UrlGetViewController.xib"],


This script make 1 library objective-c with name UrlGetClasses, include files .m in forder UrlGet. header file in hdrs, data file is .xib.

Make .ipa file with rule:

    name = "ios-app",
    bundle_id = "Google.UrlGet",
    families = [
    minimum_os_version = "9.0",
    infoplists = [":UrlGet/UrlGet-Info.plist"],
    visibility = ["//visibility:public"],
    deps = [":UrlGetClasses"],


Build app by:

 bazel build //ios-app:ios-app

 It make logs:

 The output here:



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